Wednesday, March 9, 2016

3.9 Health Care Policy in the USA

1. Drug makers decide what price to charge based on how desperate people are to find a cure.
2. Insurance companies ration access. Coverage is limited to the population with the highest risk of complications.
3. Insurance companies can decide what is medically necessary.
4. Medicare and Medicaid also tend to decide what is medically necessary and only treat people who really need the treatment. It is very similar to the way insurance companies do it.
5. Countries like Britain negotiate with drugmakers to get better prices. Since a country is buying it for less, insurance companies can give it out for less.
6. The law will not let Medicare and Medicaid negotiate prices.
7. It's crazy and I don't know..Trump?

8. The taxes would replace many visible and invisible ways we now provide to support a health sector that consumer more than 17 percent of our economy.
9. This would cover every legal resident. The government would mail a Medicare card to everyone so everyone is covered.
10. If single payer was implemented, the biggest winners would be relatively disorganized low-income people in the greatest need of help.
11. The losers would include workers who now receive generous tax expenditures for good private coverage, and affluent people who would face large tax increases to finance a single-payer system.
12. Community hospitals, medical groups, pharmaceutical and medical device companies worked to prevent the public option from being added to ACA.
13. The Supreme Court would struggle with the propriety of an expansive federal government that seeks to regulate and humanize a national health care market.