Thursday, December 10, 2015

2.10 Running for Congress

1. Miller did not know how to start a political campaign, and it could cause problems for him at home.
2. Wendy Gruel had name recognition from a past mayoral campaign, and she had many strong supporters.
3. Miller needed one million dollars in order to contend.
4. The money would be spent primarily on cable TV ads and direct mail.
5. Miller would need a media strategist, a direct mail consultant, a fundraising consultant, a campaign treasurer, an election lawyer, and other day-to-day campaign staff.
6. Consultants wanted him to play up his Jewish faith.
7. Likely voters were senior citizens 65+ because a quarter of registered voters would show up and they would probably not be millennials.
8. In the first few days, he raised $130,000.
9. The newspaper endorsement helped him raise identification 61% among Democrats and pushed him to fourth place, only three points behind third. It increased fundraising a huge amount and gave his campaign a new burst of energy.
10. He raised $517,000. He lost with 12% of the vote.

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