Thursday, January 7, 2016

3.2 "The Boss Wants Gun Control"

1. The Attorney General is the head of the US Department of Justice. He or she is the main legal advisor to the government and represents the country in legal proceedings.
2. If there is a Republican president next term, he will likely reverse Obama's actions right when stepping into office. Lawmakers will challenge new executive actions in court. A congressional Republican even threatened to block funding for the Justice Department to stop the executive actions.
3. Guns can easily be purchased at gun shows. Many people can sell guns without a federal license. People can also purchase a gun from a friend.
5. There are not many people helping running background checks. People purchasing firearms through a legal entity are able to avoid background checks.
6. The changes can tighten the gun show loophole and increase the efficiency of the federal background system to avoid cases from falling through. Obama's actions will not stop all people from purchasing guns illegally, but it can at least stop some people.
7. Many Republican congressmen are not interested in getting any gun laws passed, so it is difficult for any lawmaker to pass laws about gun control. The NRA also plays a role in keeping Congress from passing helpful gun laws. The bills are too heavily negotiated and will not pass.
8. States have their own budget issues, so they do not fully comply to the federal background check system and some aspects of gun owners' past may not turn up in reports. States have not taken very much action, because they are afraid that their citizens will not agree. There are some states that have tried getting stricter gun laws, but other states have made gun laws looser.
9. It would take decades for the mild gun control measures proposed to make a significant impact.
10. To have a more immediate impact, the US would have to find a way to quickly remove the number of guns in circulation.

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