Thursday, January 14, 2016

3.3 State of the Union

1. The longest spoken State of the Union is Bill Clinton's speech in 1995.
The longest written State of the Union is Jimmy Carter's work in 1981.
2. 1973 was the last year a State of the Union was written.
3. Bill Clinton and Obama both liked to use lots of words in their speeches, making their ideas complex instead of short and sweet.
4. Carter wrote and spoke his State of the Unions, while modern presidents no longer write out their State of the Unions.

Bully Pulpit
1. The bully pulpit is the way in which presidents are given the most powerful voice and place to persuade the American people and politicians to support their policies.
2. No member of Congress or the Supreme Court and stand alone and speak his or her mind like the president can.
3. Although Obama has made many more public comments than any 19th century president, the pattern is still the same. Even with the bully pulpit, public opinion about the president is going to decline throughout his or her term. Congress is not easily persuaded by the president.
4. The media greatly influences the public. Journalists filter through the president's comments and present them to the people.
5. Leaders could not alter public moods in their favor. They could only contribute to and benefit from the moods that already existed.

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