Thursday, November 5, 2015

2.4 Jeb Is Sad :(

1. Jeb Bush has the most endorsement, the most money in the bank, the best name recognition, and a good poll standing.
2. Bush has struggled with trite questions and has had weak arguments. He is not the best politician.
3. Rubio is a better speaker than Bush. Rubio has the exact same policies as Bush, but he expresses them better. He is also a gutsy political risk-taker.
4. Bush cannot understand how Clinton's campaign is a political retread, because his family name has also been greatly involved in politics for many years.
5. Rubio is more dynamic than Bush, and Rubio has the same views as Bush. Rubio is better at politics, and he can also share his wealth if Bush chooses to help him. It helps Bush the most, because if he drops out now, he could still be seen as a dutiful politician to the Republican Party.

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