Monday, November 30, 2015

2.8 Refugees in America

First Article
1. They fear that the US isn't doing enough to screen refugees before they enter the country and that ISIS will come to the US.
2. Very few refugees have made it to the US, and US governors are refusing to take in refugees.
3. Refugees must submit a written application, go through a security background check, and the US must have a face-to-face interview with a refugee official.
4. The US suspects the refugees of being part of ISIS until they go through the procedures proving that they are simply freeing Syria to find a home.
5. The US is worried about national security and fears that refugees could be terrorists looking to hurt Americans.
6. I think the US should let more refugees into our country, because America is supposed to be a tolerant melting pot. If these Assyrians go through the process to be admitted to the United States, they should be let into the country. Our country prides itself on liberty and justice, so it should extend those amenities to people simply trying to flee their war-torn country.

Second Article
1. The states that have said "no" to refugees are all lead by Republican governors.
2. States don't have the authority to prohibit refugees from settling on their land, but they can ask the State Department to not allow it.
3. Many of these governors fear Islam and do not trust that most, if not all, of these refugees are good people looking for a place where they can be free. These governors are listening to the people, who are also scared of the unknown refugees. People are afraid of what they are not comfortable with, so any foreign people who are not Christian are not deemed trustworthy.
4. The governors are saying that it is an issue of national security and they are protecting the people in their states.
5. Yes; I think that refugees should be accepted all throughout the United States. If I was fleeing my country and trying to find a new home, I would be angered to learn that I was being turned away based on my religion.

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