Thursday, November 5, 2015

2.5 Parties Vs. Media

1. The Republican National Committee believed that the moderators were trying to be mean-spirited and embarrass the candidates.
2. RNC could let another media organization hold the next debate instead of NBC.
3. I thought that John Harwood's comment about Trump's presidential campaign resembling a "comic book." His idea to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans does seem absurd.
4. Many journalists in the media believe that asking tough questions to Republicans is their job. They think that Democrats are normal and Republicans are not.
5. Republicans are using their control over the Republican debate schedule to pressure NBC to treat candidates with respect.
6. American Republicans have been convinced for years that the media has been hostile to them.
7. The Republican Party cannot actually boycott the media, because centrists and independent voters watch the mainstream media. The Republican Party wants to reach those voters, so they need to cooperate with the media.
8. No. The candidates need their air time and will do anything to voice their messages to the people. If they are at odds with NBC, other media outlets could follow suit.
9. The star power of some of the candidates could encourage viewers to not watch NBC.
10. Candidates could lose supporters if they limit their broadcasts to certain media outlets.

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