Monday, November 30, 2015

2.7 Democrats Don't Want You to Watch

1. The Democratic National Committee organizes and schedules the party's primary debates.
2. TV ratings are lower on Friday and Saturday nights, so typically, parties do not like to schedule debates on these days. Ratings are high on Thursdays, and Democrats only have one debate on a Thursday.
3. Republicans scheduled their debates on days that historically receive high ratings, while Democrats scheduled most of their debates on unpopular days for viewership.
4. Democrats planned a debate on a Saturday six days before Christmas. Another debate is planned for the Sunday night of Martin Luther King weekend.
5. It keeps her from being shown too much, so voters may choose her based solely on her name and political experience instead of what she says to the public.
6. It negatively affects Sanders' campaign, because he is not as popular of a candidate as Clinton. This being said, he needs all the exposure he can get. The debates help get his name out there and show how he compares to Clinton.
7. Sanders' campaign heavily involves young people who can keep up with him through social media.
8. It gives Martin O'Malley very little exposure, and he is not going to be seen as much if the debate is scheduled on a night of poor ratings. Since he is not very well known, debates are his time to draw attention.

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