Friday, February 19, 2016

3.6 Will Republicans Block Obama?

1. He means that the next justice should not be appointed by Obama but instead by the next president. The American people are electing the president who should be picking the next judge.
2. The democratic Senate derailed Bork in 1987. :(
3. The Democrats in the past wanted to use their power to prevent a Republican Supreme Court nominee from becoming a justice. Now the Republicans are trying to do the same.
4. The Court will deal with abortion, birth control, voting rights and a ton of other issues.
5. Cruz thinks that if Obama picks the next justice, the second amendment will be taken out of the Constitution, enforce unlimited abortion, and take away religious freedoms.
6. The Democrats (Obama administration) denied the Senate's vote to filibuster the Iran Nuclear Deal and the filibuster was also weakened on a different occasion.
7. The Senate can check President Obama to keep him from choosing someone completely crazy!!

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