Friday, February 26, 2016

3.8 Nevada and South Carolina

1. 2/3 of 2008 Nevada caucus voters participated in the 2016 caucus.
2. Lower and middle class voters did not show up for Sanders :(
3. The Democratic turnout was much higher in 2008. However, the Republican turnout was much greater this year than in 2008.
4. Sanders thinks Obama failed by not converting enthusiastic voters into an organized force. Sanders wants to keep the energy behind his campaign and push it through the White House.
5. Jeb's voters will most likely turn to Rubio and help him get more votes than Trump.
6. Cruz really thought he would do well in the South, so not doing well in the first southern state could be detrimental to his campaign.
7. Rubio needs to win northeastern states.
8. He thinks he can take Jeb's voters and win northeastern votes on Super Tuesday and win votes in the Michigan primary.
9. Trump has not cared enough yet to try to attack Rubio, and Rubio knows that if Trump attacks him, his campaign may suffer.

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