Friday, February 19, 2016

3.7 The Fight Over Scalia

1. The debate was shifted from the level of liberalism of Obama's choice to a debate about the reflexive obstructionism of the Republicans in Senate.
2. It is certainly a possibility that Trump wins the Republican nomination and that Republicans will be in great danger of losing the Senate majority. If that happens, Republicans will wish they had settled on a Supreme Court justice with Obama, someone not too liberal, before the Senate gets filled with more Democrats.
3. They have to be able to compromise with Obama or risk the loss of the presidency and Senate majority.
4. He looks like a messed-up uncle on a cartoon on TV.
5. Thrice have supreme court justices had to be replaced in election years.
6. For the past eighty years, a Supreme Court justice has not been appointed in an election year. Most of what he says is not true, but it is true that a nominee has not been appointed during an election year in that period of time.
7. The situation has not happened recently so it is unfair to say it is a normal situation.
8. Reagan's first choice was shut down by Democrats in the Senate.
9. Compromise and cooperation is now much more difficult.
10. Waiting for the next election

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